Hello Everyone! I welcome myself back  this year with  new style post. I know! I know! it is no excuse of  me not posting and updating my blog. Things are too complicated, I just need to set my foot on different priorities. But like I said on my previous blog, I will always find ways to give time and update you guys. No more explaining, let’s get down to business. Hahaha!

Well, summer is around the corner and one of the things that every girl loves to do is to find good and comfortable outfit that will bring comfort especially if you are living in the tropic country like Philippines.  One of the pieces that I can’t live without is an off – the- shoulder top -you can’t go wrong with this. This top is thumbs up! No amount of words to explain how comfortable this is tho it looks baggy at first glance. I like that it will stay in place even if I am going to raise my hands up, no need to pull it down every now and then(clap!clap!). I even love the raffle details on the arm, it insinuate chicness. You can BANG this top  perfectly with a pair of shorts and kicks or a mini skirt and a pair of flats (if you want comfort with a style).As to me, COMFORT is about a pair of jeans and a good pair of heels.

Thank you loves for dropping by. 🙂






Details: top FOREVER21  jeans SMWOMAN shoes JANEO bag SMPARISIAN

HELLO 2017!


img_3027Happy New Year Loves!

Yes! 2017 really is kicking and  I can’t wait for all the  good and bad things this year will bring to me( just GOOD THINGS please). No holding back of 2016. Lots and lots of things happened,that really put on hold my will to blog often. Let us be real, my  work as a teacher is my bread and butter, and with that,I have to set my priorities. I guess we all do. And I am still thankful because you’re still around (those who followed my blog).

For this year, YES! really this year, I have a goal ( long term goal) that I really want to achieve – sure enough, I am going to share this to you one of these days. But blogging will always be my second top priority. I just hope that I will be consistent this year ( fingers crossed).

I don’t have any New Year resolution this year because I will just hate myself at the end of the day – you know what I mean.  But (there is a but, aha!) I will try and  learn to save more this time. I will not shop often and if possible I won’t buy thing/s that is/are not needed.Less  (or NO) travel.WORK!WORK!.Be healthy and happy.

I wanna make this year a prosperous one.

What about you?What are your goals/ plans this year?










Weewww! Christmas is around the corner, and every girl deserves a serious Christmas shopping treat. I did my first one already, seriously I gifted my self with this cool overlap back polka dots top that I scored at GTW bySM department store. This is one of my fave shops that offers array of inexpensive fashionable clothes that suits to your daily “outfit-of-the-day”. Yes! too trendy and sociable.This combo is my basic hands down outfit of all time. I always have an eye on black and white, polka dots and pair of jeans.This combo is basically basic especially if I needed to run around downtown for plenty of errands.

My closet actually houses outfits that are workable in my everyday life activities. And I do shop here really. For as long as I can remember from my younger years, I have always had to justify what I wear. My choices were not exactly safe just like anybody else choices but through time I did learn how to match and mix different pieces which I think represents  who really I am.

You do not have to be trendy like everyone else, just be yourself and always consider comfort at all times.

Thanks for stopping by. Don’t forget to be good.







Details: top GTWbySM / jeans SMWOMAN / shoes JANEO/ bag SMPARISIAN






In  a fast faced fashion trend everything will go in and out of style quickly. We need to have a staple closet member that is wearable the whole year round. And  Little Black Dress will always be my number one pick. Aside from it goes with other colors perfectly, it is very easy to style. You do no need a lot of ” chhoooosss” to look elegant and fashionable. The color itself says it all, right?

Little Black Dress has been a wardrobe staple in a number of years, ideally, this should should be worn as simple as possible. If you picked the right cut, style, length and fabric that will suite to your body type? then, you’re good to go.

A Little Black Dress need not to be expensive to look good on you, it is just a matter of how you wear and carry it. With my pick today, this is perfect for a dinner date or wine night with my girlfriends.I can also rock this  by adding denim jacket  and right flat shoes for a day full of errands. The length is just right and fits me well. I like that it is close around the neck and the perfect hem line cut ( I do not know how to call it, it is kinda “wavy or u shaped cut” – I dunno know 🙂 ) is superb.

I hope you already found your perfect ” LBD” that will add life to your closet.

Thank you for dropping by. Don’t forget to  be good.





Details: dress GTW  by SM / shoes SM PARISIAN / clutch SHIQ BAGS / accessories DAISO  / sunnies COTTON ON
















Hi loves! I am bringing back a new blog post, and this time , I am going  to share  my  unplanned mini-escapade. Exactly a week ago today, I/we visited one of the must see destinations here in Davao –  The Malagos Garden Resort. The last time I visited the place was last summer of 2015, a year ago to be exact then. And yass! Way  to different from before, a brand new resort awaits you.

Malagos Garden Resort is located at Baguio District, Calinan Davao City, it is an hour travel or so if you are from Davao City. You can reach the resort conveniently by taxi, V-hire or your private car. This place is a must see destination if you want to unwind and get away from the busy life in the city . Here, you get to breath fresh air while you stroll around and enjoy the greens in the surroundings.  I believe this one of the oldest resort here in Davao, but today,brace yourselves! they give a new look  and more amenities to enjoy, although some part are  under construction and renovation but still worth the visit.

During weekend, you will also enjoy a bird show” (starts at exactlty 10:00 a.m.) where few of the well trained birds show their exceptional skills. Kids will surely enjoy.They will educate you as well of some information about birds that you/ we didn’t know. Aside from that, you will also enjoy bird feeding, getting a chance to be with the butterflies in the butterfly sanctuary, enjoy a calesa ride, and a lot more. The resort also have playground for kids but I believe it still not yet done because the moment we were their there was a signage ” OFF LIMITS”. I hope by the time you visit it is ready.

And yeah!in case you wanna come, the entrance fee is 100 pesos and if you want to avail their buffet lunch on weekend, it is only 275 pesos (inclusive the entrance fee). The food is great, they will serve you fresh fruits as well and the staffs  are friendly too. You guys, do not forget to taste their famous MALAGOS CHOCOLATE  that actually comes from the cacao tree grown in their farm.

Click this link to know more about the  resort. If you are living here in Mindanao and  wanting to visit Davao, please visit and rediscover Malagos Garden Resort.

Thank you for dropping by. Do not forget to be good. 🙂




MINI- BEAUTY HAUL (beautymnl)



HI LOVES! This is my first ever  blog talking about beauty products. No!not, a tutorial but just a mini- haul. Maybe, soon but not too soon I will  be doing an easy – daily make up tutorial. Anyway, I just purchased beauty products in my new favorite on line store and a magazine rolled into one – beautymnl, an easiest way to shop beauty products with  hundreds of trusted brands. I admit that  I am a late bloomer when it comes to using different beauty products because I have a super sensitive skin and with that, I am very hesitant to experiment and try new products.  It takes courage though, but worries no more :)! Thank you to beautymnl.

Beautymnl carries some international brands that is not available yet in the country or if it is available but sure enough not here in Davao. The brands that I am talking  are Ofra, Mizon,Davines and more here.

Beautymnl also offers free shipping if you purchase 2000 worth of products plus you will get to enjoy freebies in every purchase you’re going to make. How cool is that? Grab yours now! 🙂

Here are the products that I purchased as first time shopper.


 NYX Matte Lipstick in SABLE shade. 

I was super happy to finally found this perfect shade for my morena skin. I have been in search for a perfect matte lipstick for a while but this one is two thumbs up. This is highly pigmented and so far it doesn’t dry my lips. I highly recommend this brand. Click here for more shades.


No lie! There are days that we are too lazy to rinse (off) our make up with water especially on busy days.Yes! I am guilty! But problem no more, I am just a cotton balls away to clean my face during lazy days. MICELLAR WATER by MAYBELLINE NEWYORK is a perfect remover even to those ladies with sensitive skin like me. It has no fragrance.It is also  alcohol and oil free. It is just like an ordinary water but truly cleanses your face.



Having a super sensitive skin is a hassle. You need to check products that doesn’t harsh your skin. I tried this before, but I find it hard to find in store, good thing I finally meet this product again through beautymnl.  This help peels away impurities and dead skin cells that leaves my skin smooth. The natural ingredient also allows to penetrate deep into your pores to unclog. Using facial mask is so easy but take note that if you have irritated skin, pimples and blemishes, please have mercy on your skin. Do not use the product .


Lip Therapy

No shame! I admit, I really have a long time problem with super dry lips. This lip therapy helps maintain and lessen my problem especially if I wear lipstick for a long period of time.



Thank you loves for dropping by. More beauty products coming up!












HI LOVES! With the current fashion situation, one of the hottest trends this season is “off-the- shoulder “, and I am totally!totally! right. There is no reason why every fashion enthusiast shouldn’t join.

Off- the -shoulder designs are available in dresses and tops. Why do I love the designs? simply because they’re endless, timeless and very popular.  Like with the others, off -the -shoulder tops can be styled in so many ways  depending on the kind of mood you want to set. You can pair it with maxi skirt, mini skirt, denim shorts or jeans.

For this look, I opted pairing my off -the -shoulder top with jeans since I wanted to insinuate sexiness with class and sophistication. With the right amount of accessories and comfortable shoes, I am now ready to go.

How about you guys? I also love to hear  your ways of styling your ” off-the-shoulder” tops or dresses. You can leave a comment in the comment box below.

Have a good day ahead. Thank you for dropping by.


Details: top FOREVER21 / jeans WOMAN /watch MICHAEL KORS / bag PARISIAN 

shoes LEDONNE  / sunnies COTTON ON













Finally I am bringing back a new style post on the blog. Two weeks ago, I was travelling overseas (check my Macau blog). It feels so good to visit a country that the temperature drops below 30 degree Celsius or so, if you are living in a tropical country – Philippines. It was a long plan trip and finally the day has come.

Aside from doing research of the possible spots I am going to enjoy or visit, it is important also to know the appropriate type of clothing I am going to wear. So, I did little research before leaving the country.

This was one of the best outfits I wore during the trip. Perfect enough for the climate. I love how lightweight and  comfortable this is . I also love the color and style. This can also be perfect if you’re  going to pair with slippers and cross body bag.

I hope you guys will have a good and fruitful day.



Details: top SM WOMAN/shorts GUESS / bag SM PARISIAN / hat SM ACCESSORIES



My will to blog often is always in my bucket list but because I have been busy (swear! not making any excuses) and somehow, busy is good, so why complain?  Right now, my hands are full of things to share regarding my trips this year.

Last May 7-12 , we traveled overseas again after two years and visited Macau and Hongkong (will be doing a separate blog). It was our first time in both countries so it was all about adventure while getting lost around the city, as expected.

From Macau International airport, we traveled  45 minutes (by bus) to reach our hotel-   Macau Masters ( a good budget hotel). We were quiet drained since we took a last flight from Davao- Manila ( May 6) and stayed in the airport to catch up an early flight from Manila- Macau (May 7). After we rested for an hour  or two in our hotel, we were very ecstatic to explore Macau.

As we toured around Macau, we were mesmerized by the architectural designs of their hotels and casinos. We visited Macau not to gamble of course, it was more of sightseeing  since we got curious with the cultural heritage of the place.

The city isn’t that big, in fact, you can explore the place in just a day. Here’s the list of places we visited based on our point of interests.

1.Grand Hotels and Casinos


Hotels and Casinos are very close to each other around Macau. It is very easy to hop from one place to the other.






2.Ruins of St. Paul


This was the greatest church in Macau but was burned down in 1835, leaving this beautiful facade and front stairway.


Busy street before reaching the famous ruins.

3. Senado Square


Largo do Senado is a public square in Macau. They said that “you haven’t been to Macau, if you haven’t visited Senado Square”. The buildings behind it and the wavy lines on the ground gives you a European feel. 

4.Fisherman’s Wharf


First theme park in Macau

                         5. St. Dominic’s Church


A  late 16th century Baroque – style church  that serves withing the Cathedral Parish of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Macau. This church is listed as one of the 29 sites that form the Historic Centre of Macau.


It is appropriate to offer a minute of silence and prayer.

6.Golden Lotus Square


This  full bloom lotus flower symbolizes prosperity in Macau.

 5.Venetian Hotel







Inside Venetian Hotel. 

Overall, our first trip to Macau is something that we won’t forget and definitely, we will be going back  and maybe, just maybe we will try to gamble. 🙂


  • Explore the city for free by riding shuttle buses of the following hotels The Venetian, City of Dreams, Wynn Macau,  Sands Macau, Galaxy Macau and more that roamed around the city all day long . If you  are going to ride public buses, you really have to pay or else you will be reprimanded by the drivers. You can also purchase Macau Pass here  if you plan to stay longer and travel frequently  for a lesser fare.
  • In case of getting lost, taxis are available but make it sure that you will show the address in their local language because they find it hard to communicate in English.
  • Language spoken: Cantonese & Portuguese
  • Don’t forget to try the famous ” egg tart“.

Stay tuned on my next travel blog. Thank you for dropping by.



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When you’re glued from work for a looong time. Definitely, you love to take a break and catch up some fresh air in the province.

Last April 10 we (  along with the other teachers) went to Dahilayan Forest Park  located at Barangay Dahilayan, Manolo Fortich Bukidnon for a day tour.This a tourist destination for the whole family that offers different fun activities. Dahilayan Forest Park is a perfect place if  you want to escape from the hustles and bustles of the city for a day or two.

 You can reach there by  V-hire (van for hire) that will drive you  straight to the park or drive your own private vehicle.It took us 5 hours to get there.Please click here for more details.


You can stay overnight ( click here for accommodation details) or enjoy a day tour.  Entrance fee for adults is only P100.00 and P50.00 for kids. Both adults and kids would definitely enjoy a whole day full of fun and adventure. Different rides of your choice are available like zip-line, atv and buggy trail adventure, forest luge , zorb, tree top adventure and a lot more.Though some rides are pricey but if you want to enjoy, it won’t matter anymore.




There is also a wonderful playground for your little ones. Some kids were on cloud nine and wouldn’t like to leave.


 As to me  not a fan of extreme sport , I roamed and enjoyed the spectacular view of the mountains.







Side Note: Do not forget to put on sunblock for skin protection. Once you enjoyed the place you   you won’t feel the scorching heat of the sun.

You can bring food with you since there are lots of picnic tables under the pine trees, but of course you have to pay it for P200.00, not bad at all. Or  if you want a hassle free trip,  you may enjoy the food in their restaurant. There are  lots of choices and the price starts from P140.00, how cheap is that?


The long travel is worth  the fun.

Sorry for the not so good photos.I was totally enjoying the beauty of nature.

If you are in Davao City and interested to go there, you can contact here and have your reservations.

Dahilayan Forest Park Resort
Address & Contact Number:
Brgy. Dahilayan, Manolo Fortich
Bukidnon, Philippines
(+63) 917 715 4399