Moment like this is one of a kind,the sun is up but cold (wind blows here and there),fun! My 365 days journey is on, definitely. If you want to get away from the hustle and bustle in the city, this place is perfect getaway. Here,you will get the chance to pick your own basket of strawberries,isn’t it fun? If you live here in Davao then you must try , the farm ( Bemwa Farm, correct if I am wrong) is at Datu Salumay,Marahan ( still part of Davao City)- road going to Bukidnon. And hey! be sure to get there early or else no more strawberries left for you. Anyhow, it is a two hour drive from the city, you will be entertained by their friendly caretakers as soon as you get there. FYI, they are also selling some fresh veggies.

This is  a” funtabulous” experience. What is your funtabulous experience so far?

Look Ma!

Look Ma!

xoxoberies thatfabteacher


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