You can’t always expect good weather everyday.The weather today isn’t really cooperative – gloomy tho :(. It is kinda hard to take photos but thank you to my very patient photographer. I have to grab the opportunity since I am not very busy.The school year is about to end and  I can see pile of paper works here and there. You know what! There are really times that I find hard time balancing between work and passion and most of the time, work wins!  I really need to take a deep breath sometimes!

A well spent day brings a week of content. So before I get too busy, let me share photos from today.

Trend/ Fashion/Style is changing every now and then, but that doesn’t mean that you have to buy those very expensive clothes, shoes and bags  just to be trendy. Be resourceful, make use of what you have (mix and match) or  check on line what is on sale. I am a fan of retail therapy, really I AM! Let me tell you, this stretchable pants I am wearing was 25% off, top – 10% off and kitten heels -50% off (thank you to my shoe size). Amazing right????- just me being resourceful! To complete the look and if you are a lover of chunky necklace do not hesitate to put it on to add glam, just make sure that you pick the right piece because if you don’t? it will turn your whole look upside down. And yeah! my necklace was 30% off also . What a good deal!

Note: Be wise, be playful ,make a statement! Be a thrift setter!



 Top/ thesmstore

Pants/ smwoman

Shoes/ smparisian

Clutch/ smparisian


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