Details :

Dress; thesmstore / Sandals: smparisian / Accessories: Tifanny & Coach / Watch : PacificBlue

Hello Summer! Can you tell me how hot in your place right now? Surely, bills are popping out high this season. It is always a big help if you’re  going to dress according to the season, it would be very nice if you put on a lightweight fabric clothes. Prints are in this summer, make it sure you are picking the right one that suits your personality and body type.

 Note: Lightweight fabric  stays you cool on a hot day especially this summer.

I am madly in love with the silhouette of my dress. It is fresh and girly – so me! 🙂  I love how it swishes back and forth as I walk. The comfort is exceptional and the prints are just perfect not to bold.To me, printed dresses look perfect if you pair it with  strappy sandals, just make it sure that you’re picking the right one. I suggest, if you plan an outfit of the day, plan it ahead of time to avoid disaster. Be playful and safe with your choices.




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