Bags.These are my go-to bags this season and I am keeping them for 3-4 years already and still in good condition.


Skirts are important in my closet and I am keeping them for a year or two i think.

hue 5

Pants for summer – My favorite here is the blue one- I really have a thing on blue.


Ohhh! Sorry but I have to  include hats, they’re  summer essentials. And hey! It is good to keep your hats neutral in color. Don’t dare to put on colorful ones, it will turn your whole look upside down.


Paint.  I have lots of nail paint but these are my summer must haves. Why do I love this brand SAN-SAN ? it is cheap and does not chip easily. 

Color has a lot of definitions to me and if I am to define it in one word, I will simply say it is LIFE! The choices of color you are choosing definitely defines your life and how you live with it.

Hence, summer is here I am pulling off some of my favorites in the closet and thinking of using it again this season instead of buying new pieces. I will just simply mix and match and if in case I will be buying one, I will make it sure that it is something that I am going to keep for next summer. I generally buy things that looks good on me along with the type of color that defines me. Truly when summer strikes, I am thinking of cool hues – easy & breezy.

Note: Soft colors are the best for summer.



Can you tell me your favorite summer hues? I would love to hear it guys. Thank you!


2 thoughts on “HUES FOR SUMMER & MUST HAVES (pt1)

  1. Clare says:

    Those colors are gorgeous, and I also have a tendency to reach for cobalt blue for spring and summer. You wouldn’t believe the amount of skirts I have either! My favorite colors for summer are navy (to replace the standard black), white, soft yellow, cobalt blue, teal, bright red, and a saturated purple. 🙂 great blog post!


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