Top of the list,s simple yet chic.

No. 1 pick. TAN ( simple yet chic.)

Hello there!  I hope you guys had a wonderful Holy Week. How did you spend it? Where did you spend it?

Today,  I am going to share some photos of my so called “nail glam”. I am a kind of person who can’t start a week without nail color, I don’t know! It is always a part of my weekly routine and I swear, nail polish is one of my addictions.

Lighter Note: I have more than 40 nail polish bottles that I am keeping for years now.

I am quite picky when it comes to color choices since I am a teacher. I have to stay modest, teachers are “role model” and little kids always look up to us. So to make it safe, I am changing nail color twice a week- two times a week (whatever)! Hahaha!😊 Like, on weekdays, I opt using light colors and on weekends, something dark and bold -depends on my mood though. 😊

Purple Breeze

Purple Breeze (ssssoooo mmmeee)

Luxury Black

Luxury Black (rock ‘n’ roll)

   Warm Blue

Warm Blue ( beach & sun)

Touch of Beige

Touch of Beige (confidence)

Cloudy Gray

Cloudy Gray ( sadness)


Purple (love &  passion)

Red Velvet (wild & free)

Red Velvet (wild & free)

      Touch of Tan (too modest)

Touch of Tan (too modest)

These are my top 10 picks. Which one is your favorite?

Like what I said on my previous blog, “color choice defines who you are”.

Have a lovely day guys!  xoxo



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