Travel is in my 2015 bucket list but I don’t know if this is possible  since I am very busy working. It’s transition period in my work place and I feel like I need to do my best to help. So, let me take the liberty to share to you my past travel adventures.

It was 2013 of December that we decided to travel Malaysia-Singapore. It was actually my first time to travel abroad ( thank you nanay Marie for the ticket). I was with Big Mamu (my partner in crime/photographer)  &  niece. We visited as well my cousin and lived with her for a couple of days together with her family.

MALAYSIA  is known in its beautiful and diverse country with lots of highlights.It is an easy country to get around,people speak English, so no worries at all. I guess, the only problem was our means of transportation. It took us sometimes to catch a bus or taxi to go around the city since my cousin’s place is quite far from heart of the city. I had lots of first there like MRT and cable ride. It is cheap and lots of great food too.



 My first MRT experience.

My first MRT ride!


If I can still remember, I need more RM so I have to exchange some of  my Php.

 KUALA LUMPUR was our first destination and hoping to climb the  famous PETRONAS TOWERS ( wasn’t able). We did spend the whole day roaming around the city and getting lost in the busy shopping centers. Since it was Christmas Season, the place was very crowded – tourist here and there.


PETRONAS TOWERS -one of the  most recognized landmarks



PAVILION MALL  located at Bukit Bintang was also our other destination that day.  I was amazed with the huge food court ( FOOD REPUBLIC), serving different kind of meals of your choice from Asian to Western. This mall also houses lots of chic designer stores-  not so price friendly if your budget is tight . We did enjoy roaming around, eating and a   little bit of shopping. Check more about  PAVILION by clicking this link www.wonderfulmalaysia.com


Photo not mine!




Snow Flakes inside the PAVILION Mall?? Really??? Those were fake though.

 Big Smile

Just keep on walking! On our way to KLCC! Paparazzi experience!


That happy face 🙂


GENTING RESORT was our last destination in our MALAYSIA-N experience. This is found at the top of a cool and breezy mountain( GENTING HIGHLANDS) in Pajang Malaysia. It took us 45 minutes by bus and another few minutes by cable car to reach there. You won’t get bored because of the serene mountain view.They say that it has a “European” weather – truly is.As we reached at the top of the mountain  a thick fog surprised us and it was really cold up there. We took few photos outside the resort then roamed around inside. Genting has an indoor and outdoor theme parks, definitely you have a choice of your own where to enjoy. There is no enough word to describe the place. They  serve good / delicious food. One day isn’t enough, so better have a reservation ahead of time.Click the link  www.gentingmalaysia.com  if you want to know more about the place.


My first and let me guess, I was closing my eyes the whole time and never looked down!



One foggy day!


Look OH!








I would love to visit Malaysia again but not for now. 🙂





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