HELLO LADIES! Let me ask you this ,  what is your favorite wardrobe color palette and why?

I love vibrant colors because it brings  a different sense of style but I always love wearing  neutral colors. They’re cool to the eye and give you the other level of calmness. Neutrals are effortless, they are not boring if you blend it well with other colors perfectly. They are fun to wear and can be stylish too -easier to style because all colors go with them. Fashionably speaking, neutrals are something that you should hoard in the closet because they will last long and are timeless.

My fave neutral color is beige,  not too flashy yet very appealing to the eye. I opted wearing my leopard hat and shoes ( all time favorite) to look more fashionable. My chunky gold  necklace completes my look for today.

This is just a happy day! 🙂

Note: Neutral is a way to look simple and elegant!




top – forever21 / shoes – smparisian / hat – smaccessories / bag – lacoste / watch: pacific blue





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