Watchin' over the sunrise!

Watchin’ over sunrise!

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Hello guys! If you followed me on Instagram (thatfabteacher), I just came home from a beach trip. It was quick but fun. I sealed summer today simply because I will be the busiest  person in the next few weeks. How I wish I can go back to the beach before classes start, I doubt it!

 An island escape is a must this season. This is the best time of the year to wear bikini /tankini , bask around the beach and soak up in the salty water. Who’s not loving it?

We visited Samal island again after a month or two. If you happen to live or want to visit Davao City,this island is the best and sweet escape I can highly recommend  if you are a sun, sand and sea lover. Samal island  is surrounded by white sandy beaches and clear blue water, you can also do some water activities like diving, surfing, kayaking and etc.Here is a link  if you want to know more about the place.



For this island escaped, ISLA RETA – a perfect destination . The place is quite far from the heart of Davao City, you need to take  a boat ride for an hour but you won’t regret every second of it. The place is still untouched although there were some improvements made compared the last time I visited, but still you can say that this beach resort is less developed.You can still connect to nature, which is very important for this trip since all we (travel buddies) ever wanted is to stay away from the hustles and bustles in the city. There were just right amount of people around – not too crowded.Well, if you plan to visit and want to experience something different you can bring or rent a tent if you choose to sleep overnight near the shore.Amazing!!

Okay, I  better stop talking but let me share some photos! Happy Summer!









Thank you for reading! 🙂

Have a great weekend ahead!




Details: beach bag -KULTURA/ bikini -from Japan (gift) / hat & sunnies -SMACCESSORIES


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