Happy Summer guys! I know that everyone is looking forward this season, me too! And I am pretty sure that we are all heading to our favorite and happy place “the beach”. Who is not loving beach? Well, I am one of those who really love beach, simply because I love the sound of the waves,it brings different level of calmness. The warmth of the morning sun rays feel so good- Arrrggg!!! Can’t expalin the feelings!

Beach-ing to me is priceless. It simply a vacation get – away ( time to relax and be free). But before you will enjoy basking around, let me share to you the following:

 What’s in my beach bag?




 “How to take good care of your skin while at the beach.”

It is a fact, that you are more at risk to sunburn and damage from sun rays  if you are on the beach.

1. If you are an exfoliant user like me, discontinue using it days before hitting the beach (I’ve read it from a blog and it really it helps). I used to exfoliate before hitting  the beach and noticed that I am more and more sensitive to the heat of the sun, seems my skin is burning to death.

2. Do not forget to apply sunscreen as often as possible, every after 30 minutes or 1 hour even if you are under the shade. Remember, water reflects the light. The heat is everywhere.

3. Wear sunglasses and a hat while basking around for extra coverage for your face to avoid untimely aging.

4. After swimming, rinse of the saltwater before going home/ leaving the beach.

5. Apply moisturizers to make you skin look fresh.

These are my few tips that helps me a lot every time I go to the beach. It is very important to know the “do’s and don’ts” before enjoying the summer fun.





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