Lately, I  am obsess of any button down shirt paired with classic jeans and heels. I find it very comforting to wear. This combo is one of my daily basics since I opt to visit different offices that require proper  dress code most of the time.I like this top so much because it is kinda slouchy, and since i hate wearing too tight tops when paired with jeans, this one is just perfect (clap!clap!). Summer season requires comfortable clothes to put on and I guess a button down shirt is top of the list.I am pretty sure that I am going to wear this bazillion times.

Aside from this obsession , I am also in love with big bags that can hold up lots of stuffs  especially if I am off to work. You know! A teacher thing!

And speaking of work , I would love to share to you guys ” what’s in my classroom” on my next blog as the school year is about to start.

 I hope you guys will have a great week ahead.

Thank you for reading.




Details : top (bny) / jeans (smwoman)  / bag (smparisian) / watch (mk) / accessories (smaccessories) / shoes (gift)


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