Hi loves! I am rerouting myself again to blogging, I hope I am still in the league,  truly work is pulling me back. You know how much I love blogging, but  circumstances define everything. Truly, I remain positive and will try my best to share some styles whenever I have the chance.

Anyhow, To begin  September, I  choose to wear  basic/staple hues in my closet (literally forever favorite). Like, whenever I get the chance to shop, these hues always caught my attention. I don’t know how many black tops and white shorts I have in the closet. Well maybe, because black and white combo is the safest color blocking, simply chic and elegant.

Now let me talk about my “peplum” top, I don’t know! I am not really a fan  and truly hesitant to have one until I found this. I fell in love with the hemline instantly. I love the fabric, soft and fluffy. It emphasized the curves as well. I spiced it up with a white short shorts, chunky necklace and black heels. This look is  incredibly a perfect casual. But if you want to be more comfortable especially running errands, a pair of black ballet flats is perfect too.

Side Note: Finding a perfect outfit requires planning ahead of time. Do not be afraid to ask. Keep on trying.Research. 🙂

That is all for now & Thank you 🙂 🙂




Details shoes S&H fashion / shorts GUESS / clutch PARISIAN / top GTWPARTY ( thesmstore) /

 hat&accessories SMACCESSORIES





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