Hi Loves! The weather these days are quite challenging and very unpredictable. One day it is hot, the next day it is rainy. And with that I am not feeling so well, got caught by the rain last few days ago and now I am sneezing and coughing.Sigh! Hate this sooo muuucchhh! I hope I get back to the real me so soon. Hmmmpp…Before I cuddle my pillow and lay down on bed, let me share my latest outfit details. 🙂

Who’s not loving flowers? I guess, every girl loves to smell the fresh fragrance of a flower. Right? For today’s outfit details, I am sharing about flowers for the soul (top) and jeans. Honestly, I love to wear  jeans as much I love to wear dresses. Since I am a teacher, I always look for a kind of jeans that can be worn to work –  not just for weekend affair. And it took sometimes for me to find a right one that is perfect enough for my body type. This denim is two thumbs up.

Anyhow, let me talk about this flowery top, the print explains everything.Simple and kinda shabby! But yeah, I just love it. No questions! I wore this once at work and my kids said ” cool” teacher. Kids don’t lie!ha!ha! 🙂 It feel so good if you wear an outfit not too far from your comfort zone- just your daily basics.

As a fashion blogger, I  love to share outfit details that are wearable to the public, and where everyone can relate to it. I hope everyone get inspired.

Side Note: Fashion to me is not about fancy clothes, it is about taste and confidence.

Have a great weekend ahead!

crop 2


crop 1


Details: top & jeans SM WOMAN / shoes & clutch THE SM STORE / watch MICHAEL KORS / accessories SM ACCESSORIES / shades COTTON ON





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