Happy Thursday Loves! Too happy  🙂  weekend is around the corner but before that let me share to you my Wish List Thursday.


Okay, Who is with me? This combo is such a fun outfit for weekends. But if I am to pick one, I will go with this denim. I actually purchased one similar to this. This denim is a must have in you closet. if you are following along ,I posted one already here


I am a big fan of charlloterusse , I love their classic pieces. As I scanned and skimmed their Facebook page, I bumped into these pieces. This combo is just too perfect for a beach trip or spinning around with friends. Right now, I feel that I should start looking similar pieces in our local outlet stores.


Staying fit is one of my goals this whole year round but I am too lazy to do it for now. How I wish I could spend  running or walking at least twice a week. Sigh! Aren’t these pieces perfect enough to get inspired? Well, I am crossing my fingers 🙂 . Check out Nordstrom for some hottest deals here .




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