Hello! This post is one day late since my hands are full with work related issues that require much of my attention plus exam week is fast approaching. Too busy to be true. 🙂  Since I commit myself for a weekly post,I would love to share to you my “WISH LIST THURSDAY”.

I will be attending a wedding next month and of course an outfit isn’t complete without a good pair of shoes. So, I started looking for a nice one that is not too pricey but chic. So I have two designs that I am eyeing for now.


Option #1 ( GOAL) I love stevemadden , the simplicity of his creation is beyond compare and I am looking forward to own a pair. I have been eyeing proto pumps which is perfect for tight fitting skirt or midi-skirt. I love the blush one instead of the natural snake color.


Option # 2 is important. I have found these lovely fellas in our local store here in the country and I will try to check this weekend if these are available in store.Or else I will look for a similar design from my option #1. What do you think?

I am crossing my fingers until I’ll find the perfect one!:)

Thank you for stopping by!

Have a great weekend ahead!




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