Hello There! It is mid-week already and can’t wait for weekend. I need rest, too busy this week. From my classroom with kids to office with some paper works, I definitely need to forget the whole school thing for a while.I love my job. I love to be around with kids, they’re my daily dose of energy . But I won’t lie, sometimes they’re the one who consumed my energy that led to exhaustion :). Yayy!

Since I am talking about work, let me talk about this comfy tote bag that turns out to be my daily go- to -bag for my teaching stuffs, like lesson plan, books, manuals and others. I love how light this is. A very simple bag that is made out of  100 %love. I love the print, it constantly reminds me to ” seize the day” no matter how tough the day is.

And yeah! Check out @yorkaccessories on instagram or click this link  yorkaccessories , this is genuinely made in the Philippines and the price is reasonable enough, trust me. It is Php 250.00 , so it like under $5. Thrift find right?

Thank you for stopping by! 🙂




Details: top FUBU / jeans WOMAN / shoes GIBI / tote bag YORACCESSORIES / watch MICHAEL KORS





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