Hello Guys! What have you been up to lately?! Yes! My hands are full again with work related issues.   At one point, I want to stop posting all because  I feel  that I can ‘t do two things at the same time. But you know, if it  is something about your passion, you will always find a way to rekindle that old love.  I am always looking forward to revamp my blogging affair.

 A great outfit should always be on point. There should be one that will stand out and the rest will revolve around it.  A nice skirt can make a simple outfit looks chic and outstanding. It is just about how you showcase the style you want.

For today’s look, my focal point is my skirt. It  fits perfectly and creates an illusion of having long legs. Having a good outfit  helps boost self confidence, so when you go shopping find a statement pieces that you can easily play with. Don’t be afraid to come out from your comfort zone.Lately, I am falling in love with crop top, so I got one again. Maybe you noticed that I am into black color, I don’t know, it is just black is easy to style and goes with other colors very well.

To complete my look , I added across -body bag , my latest purchased tho. A nice purse will also do. You can also add a nice blazer for a chic formal look especially if you are going to visit offices or having a meeting with the bosses.

Thank you for stopping by 🙂



Details : skirt H&M / top THE SM STORE / shoes GIBI SHOES / bag SM PARISIAN / sunnies COTTON ON /






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