Hello Everyone! I survived the weekend, too busy to be true but I am feeling so good to keep going. I am working few backlogs for my blog starting with this one.

I maybe mentioned that button down shirts and denims are staple in my closet. They’re easy to put on and classy. A teacher like me needs something that is wearable anytime of the day especially if your in the classroom where chaos may happen in a wink of an eye. I like wearing something that gives me more freedom to move around.  Since, we (teachers) are allowed to wear anything on Fridays, this pair is a must. I am embracing comfortable and light weight clothing lately since my students at work are too rowdy. Well, what can you expect? They’re kids right? 🙂  I  maybe mentioned as well that I don’t really like baggy jeans but this one is an exemption 🙂 ! Like teachers, we give considerations and exemptions to many things.

In today’s fashion trend that is always changing, long sleeves and denims are just the safest collection you can keep in your closet for long.

Thank you for stopping by 🙂

crop 1


Derails: top CRISSA / jeans BNY / bag SMPARISIAN / shoes SMPARISIAN / sunnies COTTON ON / watch PACIFIC BLUE





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