My will to blog often is always in my bucket list but because I have been busy (swear! not making any excuses) and somehow, busy is good, so why complain?  Right now, my hands are full of things to share regarding my trips this year.

Last May 7-12 , we traveled overseas again after two years and visited Macau and Hongkong (will be doing a separate blog). It was our first time in both countries so it was all about adventure while getting lost around the city, as expected.

From Macau International airport, we traveled  45 minutes (by bus) to reach our hotel-   Macau Masters ( a good budget hotel). We were quiet drained since we took a last flight from Davao- Manila ( May 6) and stayed in the airport to catch up an early flight from Manila- Macau (May 7). After we rested for an hour  or two in our hotel, we were very ecstatic to explore Macau.

As we toured around Macau, we were mesmerized by the architectural designs of their hotels and casinos. We visited Macau not to gamble of course, it was more of sightseeing  since we got curious with the cultural heritage of the place.

The city isn’t that big, in fact, you can explore the place in just a day. Here’s the list of places we visited based on our point of interests.

1.Grand Hotels and Casinos


Hotels and Casinos are very close to each other around Macau. It is very easy to hop from one place to the other.






2.Ruins of St. Paul


This was the greatest church in Macau but was burned down in 1835, leaving this beautiful facade and front stairway.


Busy street before reaching the famous ruins.

3. Senado Square


Largo do Senado is a public square in Macau. They said that “you haven’t been to Macau, if you haven’t visited Senado Square”. The buildings behind it and the wavy lines on the ground gives you a European feel. 

4.Fisherman’s Wharf


First theme park in Macau

                         5. St. Dominic’s Church


A  late 16th century Baroque – style church  that serves withing the Cathedral Parish of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Macau. This church is listed as one of the 29 sites that form the Historic Centre of Macau.


It is appropriate to offer a minute of silence and prayer.

6.Golden Lotus Square


This  full bloom lotus flower symbolizes prosperity in Macau.

 5.Venetian Hotel







Inside Venetian Hotel. 

Overall, our first trip to Macau is something that we won’t forget and definitely, we will be going back  and maybe, just maybe we will try to gamble. 🙂


  • Explore the city for free by riding shuttle buses of the following hotels The Venetian, City of Dreams, Wynn Macau,  Sands Macau, Galaxy Macau and more that roamed around the city all day long . If you  are going to ride public buses, you really have to pay or else you will be reprimanded by the drivers. You can also purchase Macau Pass here  if you plan to stay longer and travel frequently  for a lesser fare.
  • In case of getting lost, taxis are available but make it sure that you will show the address in their local language because they find it hard to communicate in English.
  • Language spoken: Cantonese & Portuguese
  • Don’t forget to try the famous ” egg tart“.

Stay tuned on my next travel blog. Thank you for dropping by.




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