MINI- BEAUTY HAUL (beautymnl)



HI LOVES! This is my first ever  blog talking about beauty products. No!not, a tutorial but just a mini- haul. Maybe, soon but not too soon I will  be doing an easy – daily make up tutorial. Anyway, I just purchased beauty products in my new favorite on line store and a magazine rolled into one – beautymnl, an easiest way to shop beauty products with  hundreds of trusted brands. I admit that  I am a late bloomer when it comes to using different beauty products because I have a super sensitive skin and with that, I am very hesitant to experiment and try new products.  It takes courage though, but worries no more :)! Thank you to beautymnl.

Beautymnl carries some international brands that is not available yet in the country or if it is available but sure enough not here in Davao. The brands that I am talking  are Ofra, Mizon,Davines and more here.

Beautymnl also offers free shipping if you purchase 2000 worth of products plus you will get to enjoy freebies in every purchase you’re going to make. How cool is that? Grab yours now! 🙂

Here are the products that I purchased as first time shopper.


 NYX Matte Lipstick in SABLE shade. 

I was super happy to finally found this perfect shade for my morena skin. I have been in search for a perfect matte lipstick for a while but this one is two thumbs up. This is highly pigmented and so far it doesn’t dry my lips. I highly recommend this brand. Click here for more shades.


No lie! There are days that we are too lazy to rinse (off) our make up with water especially on busy days.Yes! I am guilty! But problem no more, I am just a cotton balls away to clean my face during lazy days. MICELLAR WATER by MAYBELLINE NEWYORK is a perfect remover even to those ladies with sensitive skin like me. It has no fragrance.It is also  alcohol and oil free. It is just like an ordinary water but truly cleanses your face.



Having a super sensitive skin is a hassle. You need to check products that doesn’t harsh your skin. I tried this before, but I find it hard to find in store, good thing I finally meet this product again through beautymnl.  This help peels away impurities and dead skin cells that leaves my skin smooth. The natural ingredient also allows to penetrate deep into your pores to unclog. Using facial mask is so easy but take note that if you have irritated skin, pimples and blemishes, please have mercy on your skin. Do not use the product .


Lip Therapy

No shame! I admit, I really have a long time problem with super dry lips. This lip therapy helps maintain and lessen my problem especially if I wear lipstick for a long period of time.



Thank you loves for dropping by. More beauty products coming up!




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