Hi loves! I am bringing back a new blog post, and this time , I am going  to share  my  unplanned mini-escapade. Exactly a week ago today, I/we visited one of the must see destinations here in Davao –  The Malagos Garden Resort. The last time I visited the place was last summer of 2015, a year ago to be exact then. And yass! Way  to different from before, a brand new resort awaits you.

Malagos Garden Resort is located at Baguio District, Calinan Davao City, it is an hour travel or so if you are from Davao City. You can reach the resort conveniently by taxi, V-hire or your private car. This place is a must see destination if you want to unwind and get away from the busy life in the city . Here, you get to breath fresh air while you stroll around and enjoy the greens in the surroundings.  I believe this one of the oldest resort here in Davao, but today,brace yourselves! they give a new look  and more amenities to enjoy, although some part are  under construction and renovation but still worth the visit.

During weekend, you will also enjoy a bird show” (starts at exactlty 10:00 a.m.) where few of the well trained birds show their exceptional skills. Kids will surely enjoy.They will educate you as well of some information about birds that you/ we didn’t know. Aside from that, you will also enjoy bird feeding, getting a chance to be with the butterflies in the butterfly sanctuary, enjoy a calesa ride, and a lot more. The resort also have playground for kids but I believe it still not yet done because the moment we were their there was a signage ” OFF LIMITS”. I hope by the time you visit it is ready.

And yeah!in case you wanna come, the entrance fee is 100 pesos and if you want to avail their buffet lunch on weekend, it is only 275 pesos (inclusive the entrance fee). The food is great, they will serve you fresh fruits as well and the staffs  are friendly too. You guys, do not forget to taste their famous MALAGOS CHOCOLATE  that actually comes from the cacao tree grown in their farm.

Click this link to know more about the  resort. If you are living here in Mindanao and  wanting to visit Davao, please visit and rediscover Malagos Garden Resort.

Thank you for dropping by. Do not forget to be good. 🙂





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