Weewww! Christmas is around the corner, and every girl deserves a serious Christmas shopping treat. I did my first one already, seriously I gifted my self with this cool overlap back polka dots top that I scored at GTW bySM department store. This is one of my fave shops that offers array of inexpensive fashionable clothes that suits to your daily “outfit-of-the-day”. Yes! too trendy and sociable.This combo is my basic hands down outfit of all time. I always have an eye on black and white, polka dots and pair of jeans.This combo is basically basic especially if I needed to run around downtown for plenty of errands.

My closet actually houses outfits that are workable in my everyday life activities. And I do shop here really. For as long as I can remember from my younger years, I have always had to justify what I wear. My choices were not exactly safe just like anybody else choices but through time I did learn how to match and mix different pieces which I think represents  who really I am.

You do not have to be trendy like everyone else, just be yourself and always consider comfort at all times.

Thanks for stopping by. Don’t forget to be good.







Details: top GTWbySM / jeans SMWOMAN / shoes JANEO/ bag SMPARISIAN


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