HELLO 2017!


img_3027Happy New Year Loves!

Yes! 2017 really is kicking and  I can’t wait for all the  good and bad things this year will bring to me( just GOOD THINGS please). No holding back of 2016. Lots and lots of things happened,that really put on hold my will to blog often. Let us be real, my  work as a teacher is my bread and butter, and with that,I have to set my priorities. I guess we all do. And I am still thankful because you’re still around (those who followed my blog).

For this year, YES! really this year, I have a goal ( long term goal) that I really want to achieve – sure enough, I am going to share this to you one of these days. But blogging will always be my second top priority. I just hope that I will be consistent this year ( fingers crossed).

I don’t have any New Year resolution this year because I will just hate myself at the end of the day – you know what I mean.  But (there is a but, aha!) I will try and  learn to save more this time. I will not shop often and if possible I won’t buy thing/s that is/are not needed.Less  (or NO) travel.WORK!WORK!.Be healthy and happy.

I wanna make this year a prosperous one.

What about you?What are your goals/ plans this year?




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